World System Integrator Conference (WSIC) 2022

WSIC was the first international and professional conference in the world that focuses on “system integration”. Providing a platform for international organizations, governments, agencies, and system integrator companies from all over the world to exchange their Smart City experiences, ICT applications, and relevant smart solutions and demonstrations, WSIC aims to facilitate cooperation among all stakeholders and partners so the respective countries or regions can progress towards Smart City and speed up the development.

This time WSIC 2022, also the 4th WSIC, will be a hybrid (both off-line and online) event, and it collaborates with the Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE) and emphasizes the theme “Being Part of the International SI Ecosystem”. WSIC 2022 will feature sessions regarding resources and planning for regional smart city development from the multilateral development institutions including Asian Development Bank (ADB) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). In addition, authorities or system integrators of the Philippines, India, Malaysia, the US, will also provide first-hand information on development-based investment needs in their respective regions, covering areas such as Smart Energy, Smart Transportation, and Smart City. And lastly, the 6 winners of the 2022 System Integration Award will further showcase their international system integration projects that correspond to the above areas.